Lush and Green: How To Prepare Your Illinois Yard For The Summer?

Lush and Green: How To Prepare Your Illinois Yard For The Summer?
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Prepare for those long, sweltering days that are soon to arrive as the summer season draws near in Illinois. While we’re all preparing for the warmth and golden rays, let’s not forget about our beloved lawns. Our grass sometimes struggles to adjust to the changing weather, leaving it uneven, lifeless, and needing major TLC.

In this blog, we’re here to sprinkle some expert tips and insights to help you have your Illinois yard in tip-top shape.

Eliminate Pests

Garden pests and aphids enjoy spring growth. Wash plants frequently with a powerful stream of water to flush the aphids off the foliage to get rid of them. Spraying horticultural oil or insecticidal soap might also be beneficial. At this time of year, releasing ladybugs at dusk is a more effective, natural solution.

Make Flowerbeds Ready

Add organic stuff to planting beds’ soil to amend it. Spread 3 inches or so of compost over the area to be treated, and if the soil is sandy, work it in a little. Compost will be useful in several ways, including weed control, soil enrichment, maintaining a stable soil temperature, and moisture retention around the plants. Hold the mulch back from tree trunks by a few inches.

Feed The Grass

If you have warm-season grass, fertilize it in the spring when it first comes out of dormancy using a nitrogen-rich, slow-release fertilizer. Before the hot summer months arrive, fertilize any cool-season grasses in the spring. Use a high-nitrogen fertilizer to re-fertilize your lawn in the fall, about six weeks before the first frost, to store the nutrients it needs to recover in the spring.


Evergreens and hedges should be pruned as soon as new growth appears. Although most fruit trees benefit from trimming in the winter when they are dormant, mature trees can still benefit from minor pruning in the spring and summer to strengthen and shape them.

Over-seeding to Fill In Gaps

Over the winter, poor drainage can make lawns patchy and sparse, and if you’ve removed a lot of moss and weeds, there may still be some holes that need to be filled up. Simply rake the surface soil to create a pretty level surface before scattering the seeds, then softly rake the surface to include the seeds. This will repair these spots.


By embracing the beauty of the Illinois summer, optimizing your landscaping, creating a cool oasis, and designing an outdoor entertainment haven, you’ll elevate your yard to new heights. However, if you find yourself in a situation where selling a house fast In Illinois becomes a priority, consider the convenience and peace of mind that cash home buyers can offer. No matter where you live or your circumstances, USA Cash Offer can put you in touch with a cash home buyer in Illinois who will make you an offer for your property.

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