Selling your property should be a cheerful journey, but it isn’t always. We aim to remedy that and help you sell a house fast in Houston, TX! And we do so by paying cash for your house! We are cash home buyers in Houston who can make you an all-cash offer within 24 hours!

USA Cash Offers is a real estate investment firm that has a reputation for assisting homeowners sell their homes swiftly and conveniently. No need to worry about inspections and appraisals. We are backed by solid lenders allowing us to make an offer independently and moving promptly towards closing the deal within a few weeks.

We Buy Houses In Houston, TX – Any Reason, Any Season

You could be selling your house for any reason; It doesn’t matter to us. Whether you are renting it out or living in it. It could even be vacant and inhabitable. You could be in the middle of a divorce settlement or it is an inherited property requiring huge maintenance costs. You could be trying to avoid foreclosure and save on credit costs. Are you stuck with tenants giving you a hard time? Relocating, retiring, downsizing or expanding; irrespective of the reason, we will buy the house as-is, and you can pocket the cash and move on.

Why Should You Choose USA Cash Offers To Sell House Fast In Houston, TX?

USA Cash Offers is not a realtor. We are cash home buyers in Houston and surrounding suburbs. We will pay you cash and take the house off your hands at the earliest. If that doesn’t sound convincing, here are a few more reasons to consider:

  • Once we have visited your property and evaluated it, we can make an offer within 24 hours. If you like the offer, transactions are closed in as little as 7 days. If you need to sell house fast in Houston, we are your best bet.
  • Going with traditional sales method requires additional fees and charges, like closing fees, inspection charges and survey costs. With us? No fees, no charges. Enjoy a totally transparent sale process.
  • Choosing USA Cash Offers could help you save thousands of dollars in foreclosure fees.
  • Since we are not realtors, you will not be charged any agent commission
  • We will buy your house as-is; there will be no need to pay for costly repairs or upgrades.
  • Stress-free home selling process from start to finish with our expert staff and support
  • Sell your home on your own terms; tell us when you want to close the deal and we will get it done for you
  • Need assistance with moving once the transaction is completed? We will also assist with this.

Sell A House Fast In Houston, TX! As-Is For Cash

When we say ‘As-Is for Cash’, we mean it, literally! We won’t ask you to spend on any repair or upgrades. And we’re not talking about tiny flaws like window cracks, wall dents, or general decay. It could be anything from structural or foundation problems, roof problems, plumbing problems, electrical problems, water damage, mould problems, to termite infestation.

Give us a call on (800) 219-0874 to get a fair offer for your home in Houston, TX. Like the offer? Let’s fix a date to close the deal. We will get everything ready, and all you need to do is show up on the closing date and sign on the dotted lines. Once the deal is done, we will even help you with the moving.

Step 01


You can give us a ring on (800) 219-0874 or use our contact form. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible, review your goals, assess your current situation and then schedule a free house inspection at your convenience.

Step 02


We do a quick home inspection and provide you with an immediate offer. Remember, this offer comes with a no-obligation condition. You can accept it or reject it with no questions asked.

Step 03


If you decide to sell to us, we close on your preferred date and pay in cash. We use a trusted local title company in Charlotte to handle the title transfer and other legalities.

Excited Yet? Here Is How You Can Sell House Fast In Houston, TX With USA Cash Offers