Top 5 Home Features That Home Buyers In San Jose, CA Want To See

Top 5 Home Features That Home Buyers In San Jose, CA Want To See

Many buyers are eager to pay top dollar for homes that are in attractive neighborhoods and equipped with features that make day to day living convenient and stylish. Specifically, they don’t mind spending a bit more money on built-in wardrobes, exotic bathroom fixtures, customized kitchen cabinetry, lavish swimming pools, and lush gardens.

In this post, we discuss the features that’ll make your home more attractive to home buyers.

Modernized Kitchen

If you want to sell your house fast in San Jose, CA, your property will need to stand out from the other ones that are on the market. So make your home more unique by updating the kitchen. According to a recent study, 80% of home buyers view the kitchen as the most important room in a home. Buyers particularly like spacious, open kitchens that have huge windows, good lighting, the best appliances, etc.

Home With A Garden

Do you have a garden outside your home? Well, if it’s in good condition and very colorful, most buyers will find it attractive. Even if you don’t have enough room for a large garden, you should think about creating a floral patch in your front or backyard.


Location is so important. In fact, a home’s location usually is a deal-breaker. A smaller house in a desirable neighborhood will command a higher price than a larger home that’s in a less desirable neighborhood.

Wooden Floors

According to a National Association of Realtors survey, little over half of home buyers are willing to spend more for wood floors. The primary reasons why wood is preferred are: its modern appearance, its durability, its cost, and its ability to complement fixtures, wall colors, etc.

Built-In Cabinetry

Built-in storage is another thing buyers want to see. People have tons of stuff these days and not enough space to store it all. Using shelves and wardrobes effectively will free up floor space; do this if you want to create an open floor plan to show buyers how spacious the area is.

Are You Offering The Most Popular Features To Home Buyers?

Is your house up to date? That is, does it have contemporary furnishings, smart tech, and curb appeal? In short, if your home is equipped with all the little and big things buyers want, selling fast and for top dollar shouldn’t be a problem.

And if you don’t want to deck out your home with features before selling it, choose to sell for cash. At USA Cash Offer, we can put you in touch with a cash home buyer in San Jose, CA who will purchase your home as is. There are no fees or commissions.

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