Problems You May Face When You Sell a House the Traditional Way in Columbia

Problems You May Face When You Sell a House the Traditional Way in Columbia
Problems You May Face When You Sell a House the Traditional Way in Columbia

The traditional method of selling a home is still popular, and many who need to sell a house fast in Columbia still rely on this method. That being said, more and more people are now pursuing non-traditional methods when they need to sell, and selling to a real estate investor is one of these methods. In this article, we talk about the challenges you’ll face in a traditional home sale, and we’ll also explain why these challenges are absent when you sell in a non-traditional way.

Real Estate Agent Commission

One of the biggest problems for homeowners in Columbia who are looking to sell the traditional way is real estate agent commissions. You could pay up to 6% of the sale price in commission. There are so many other fees associated with selling a home, some regard this commission as just too much.

If you want to escape paying a hefty commission, you can sell your house fast to a cash home buyer in Columbia who will buy it as is for a fair price.

Repairs and Renovations

If you decide to sell your Columbia home the traditional way, i.e. you use a real estate agent, you’ll need to do repairs and renovations. Both can be expensive and time-consuming. And once you start upgrading things, it’s likely you won’t stop until everything is perfect. Things can get expensive fast, and the more repairs you make, the smaller your profit will be.

Time Taken to Close

Once you put your house on the market in Columbia, there are some time-consuming processes to go through. Sometimes, it can take months and even a year to finalize a transaction. There are so many stages, and even if you go through them all, there is no guarantee that your house will sell.

Lending Issues

Because of funding issues, many traditional real estate transactions in Columbia fall through at the eleventh hour. Sometimes, the creditor that is funding the purchase will pull out at the last minute. That’s one thing about the traditional home sale—there’s so much uncertainty from beginning to end.

Hidden Costs

Selling a house the traditional way means you’ll have to pay a transfer tax, appraisal, inspection fees, closing costs, etc. Even though many procedures like staging, renovating, hiring a real estate agent, etc. make the selling process expensive for the homeowner, there are even more hidden costs.

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