Top Reasons Why Your Chicago Home Is on the Market for a Longer Period

Top Reasons Why Your Chicago Home Is on the Market for a Longer Period
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Traditional selling methods involve:

  • Hiring an experienced realtor.
  • Listing your home.
  • Waiting for potential buyers to give you excellent offers.

But often, houses end up on the market for an extended period.

Once a home is known to have a higher Days on Market (DOM), demand for the house will decrease. However, the problem of a higher DOM can be countered by selling to a cash home buyer in Chicago. Listed below are some reasons why many Chicago homes have a higher DOM.

It Is Outdated or Needs Too Many Repairs

One of the reasons your house isn’t selling fast is because it is outdated and requires a lot of renovation to modernize. The buyer may also have sensed issues like mold or a more significant problem like water damage or foundation problems. Buyers see these properties, look at the future expenses they will cause, and decide against buying them. If you want to sell a house fast in Chicago, consider selling it as-is to a real estate investor.

You Haven’t Priced It Right

Pricing issues are common factors that lead to a higher DOM. Many home sellers overprice the house. It is essential to price the house right depending on the local housing market prices. Once word gets around that a home is overpriced, it will receive little interest.

You Haven’t Timed the Sale Right

Timing is essential when it comes to listing a house. Most states record a higher percentage of home sales during the late spring and early summer since it is before the new school year begins. If you put your house for sale during winter or the school year, the chances are high that it will stay longer in the market than expected. You should research the best season for sale in your area.

Poor Curb Appeal

First impressions are lasting. If your house lacks curb appeal, buyers may lose interest even before viewing the home. In most cases, they have already decided not to buy your house. Consider upgrades like painting the front door, adding lights along the walkway, or updating your landscaping.

Poor Marketing Skills

Your marketing skills may need to be tweaked. Using professionally shot photographs and writing exciting descriptions about the house you are selling is crucial. If you don’t highlight the best qualities of your home, the chances are high that interest will be low.

If you want to sell a house fast in Chicago, contact us for a quick cash offer. We can connect you with top cash buyers ready to pay a fair price for your home.

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